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The Ving Tsun Story

Sil Lim Tao
Chum Kiu
Biu Chee

Chi Sau

Wooden Man
Luk Dim Poon Kwan
Pah Chum Do

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The Study of Ving Tsun using a Conceptual Framework.
First in a series entitled "The Study of Ving Tsun using a Conceptual Framework."
Run time 13:37
The story

Chum Kiu - Searching For The Bridge

Since Sil Lim Tao develops proper structure, stance, centerline hand eye co-ordination, energy, body unity and the power of proper intent, Chum Kiu adds and develops three more energies: forward momentum, pulling momentum and turning momentum. These energies add significant power to all Ving Tsun techniques through unified movement of the body along both linear and circular paths. Practicing Chum Kiu will lead to heightened awareness and understanding of the ways in which these linear and circular movements enhance and magnify natural body power. The nature of Chum Kiu is to train you body balance by playing the form. The more you practice this form the better your balance. Thus Chum Kiu is a bridge to greater understanding of the Ving Tsun system.

The more Chum Kiu you do the better body balance you will have. Study each section diligently and Ving Tsun will reward your perseverance. Only when you know how to combine the basic movements of Sil Lim Tao with the footwork and unified body movements of Chum Kiu can you fight effectively. Chi Sau will breathe life into your movements and foot work. The Ving Tsun system is a complete system in that it leads you to a Ving Tsun mind then frees you to be you. It is not confined to the kwoon or simply fighting but becomes a central influence on your way of life - SIMPLICITY.

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