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The Ving Tsun Story

Sil Lim Tao
Chum Kiu
Biu Chee

Chi Sau

Wooden Man
Luk Dim Poon Kwan
Pah Chum Do

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The Study of Ving Tsun using a Conceptual Framework.
First in a series entitled "The Study of Ving Tsun using a Conceptual Framework."
Run time 13:37
The story

Biu Chee - Thrusting Fingers

This form has a nick name "Gow Gup Sau" which means "Emergency Hands", this is appropriate because Biu Chee techniques are used to recover from a loss of centerline control. Biu Chee trains all of our hands to go back to the centerline, just like a compass; hence another name for the form is "Standard Compass".

This form is also known as an analysis of human psychology and motion with the intent of producing maximum output or force from the human body. It is also the scrutiny and understanding of the "source" of each technique. After Biu Chee, the student should have sufficient knowledge to express Ving Tsun at a more personal level. The introduction of advanced principles and techniques are found in Biu Chee which underlines the importance of this form in the system. The nature of Biu Chee is to train the hands to go back to the center as soon as possible. During the preforming of the form you must keep in mind that whenever you go back to the centerline, you need a lot of energy. There are many details to pay attention to while performing the form, as with all the forms, which will allow you to personalize and enhance your learning. As with the previous forms, Biu Chee is divided into three sections.

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