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Learn Kung Fu. Now accepting new students.
Please join us. School hours are:
7-9pm Tuesday, Thursday, and 10-12pm Saturday.
Sunny Tang Ving Tsun Kung Fu School
Our Ving Tsun art has been passed to us directly from the legendary Ip Man. Subject of numerous movie, Bruce Lee's teacher, and arguably the most influential martial artist ever.
Discover what the excitement is about.
Learn real Kung Fu.

Come study Ving Tsun in Carp.
Tuition cost: $80 / month
New students always welcome.
Come and experience Ving Tsun kung fu. This extremely effective martial art (or kung fu) is both a physical and intellectual study. Discover the art for yourself!
Attire: track pants, tee-shirt, non-street shoes.

Discover the difference of Kung fu life.
Enjoy the journey of Ving Tsun Kung Fu. Study the secrets of Siu Nim Tau. Move with Chum Kiu, and return like a compass to protect your centerline in Bui Chee. Learn to properly train the wooden dummy - It's not just a piece of wood you hit. And, if you train diligently the weapons forms will make your kung fu alive and explosive.
Students 16 yrs+ only.

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Sifu Walter Jakimczuk
M.Ed., B.Ed., B.P.H.E

Lineage of legends: Yim Ving Tsun = Leung Bok Toa = Leung Lan Kwai = Wong Wah Po = Leung Yee Tai = Leung Jan = Chan Wah Shuen (Jow Chin Wah) = Ip Man = Moy Yat = Sunny Tang (Dunn Wah) = Walter Jakimczuk (Tang Fu Fung) Proud Supporter of the International Wushu Federation, Wushu Canada, and a dedicated member of Wushu Ontario. Ving Tsun is a lethal martial art.