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Ip Man (prounounced Yip Man)

Our Family - Moy Yat
Our Family - Sunny Tang

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Grandmaster Ip Man

Grandmaster Ip Man spent his whole life as champion of the cause of Ving Tsun kung fu. He was responsible for advancing Ving Tsun kung fu to its eminence today. Throughout the world, students of various arts; Ving Tsun, wing chun, wushu, and kung fu enthusiasts as far as hollywood continue to publish articles, write books, and even movies about Grandmaster Ip Man, his life and achievements.

He was born on October 14th 1893 in the Ching Dynasty (Kand Shoui - September 5th in the Chinese calendar) in Fut Shan town in Kwong Tung province which was then in Lam Hoi county. So Ip Man's birthplace is often referred to as Lam Hoi in Kwong Tung.

Grandmaster Ip Man's father was called Ip Oi Dor, his mother was Ng Shui, he was one of four brothers and sisters. His brother was called Gei Gak (Grandmaster Ip Man was originally called Gei Man). His sister's name was Wan Mei (Sik Chung)

Come to the club and learn what Ip Man's most famous student Bruce Lee knew! Ip Man 3 starring Donnie Yen celebrates this fact and the popularity of martial arts that his fame created.

We are honoured and privaleged to present Ving Tsun in it's purest form through our direct discipleship from the late Grandmaster Ip Man, the late Grandmaster Moy Yat and Grandmaster Sunny Tang.
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Lineage of legends: Yim Ving Tsun = Leung Bok Toa = Leung Lan Kwai = Wong Wah Po = Leung Yee Tai = Leung Jan = Chan Wah Shuen (Jow Chin Wah) = Ip Man = Moy Yat = Sunny Tang (Dunn Wah) = Walter Jakimczuk (Tang Fu Fung) Proud Supporter of the International Wushu Federation, Wushu Canada, and a dedicated member of Wushu Ontario. Ving Tsun is a lethal martial art. Students 16 yrs+ only.